Demo of Faceforce (now Faceconnector), combining Facebook and Salesforce CRM



The first social CRM app, built in 2007.

Faceconnector (initially known as “Faceforce”) was the first social business application ever created. It was an independent project developed by Clara Shih and Todd Perry in summer of 2007, shortly after Facebook’s first F8 Developer Conference, using publicly available APIs.

Shih was inspired to build a new app for sales reps to connect their personal social graph with CRM contacts, leads, accounts, and opportunities, and the Social CRM category was born.

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The Big Idea

Prior to Faceconnector, customers’ real identities and voices on social media were disconnected from how customer relationship management systems (CRM) represented customer accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. Faceconnector inspired a new wave of social CRM applications which now allow companies to connect and act on what customers say on the public social web, such as Twitter.  

Customer tweets about company

Social CRM picks up these signals

Company responds to issue

Success and onward!


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